Turkish Coffee

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  1. Felipe Scolfaro
    Felipe Scolfaro says:

    I've tried Turkish coffee on occasion, and although one can it's "hearty" and "thick", as a coffee lover this is the quickest way to completely burn-off all oils and flavor out of fine grounds. Keeping the powder in the water and bringing it all to a boil is a definite no to anyone wanting complex, fruitier flavors besides the obvious burnt "roughness" from roasting. Serving coffee with sugar is also a way to destroy this complexity, so the method in itself is abhorrent.

    HOWEVER, I can understand brewing like this with sugar and spices, to get to a different kind of drink than what you'd get by proper brewing whichever way you can. Coffee shouldn't be mixed with boiling water, if you're looking to get to the best possible brew.

  2. Grenadieros
    Grenadieros says:

    The first Cafe opened by Egyptians in Constantinople at 15th century (middle),the turks (as they do with everything) they copy it nd repsesend it as their own.Keep in mind they did this with Troy,Homer,Aegean Sea etc.The belly dancing ,the hookah etc is also a copy from Arabs.Now the turks drink tea in cheap glass sitting in the dirt as the muslims.

  3. Penny Pencil
    Penny Pencil says:

    it's good to see a different take on making the coffee. thank you. very detailed explanation and i like that three different tastes are shown. close up of the brewing process was helpful.

  4. m.şafak akköse
    m.şafak akköse says:

    method of turkish coffee ,The biggest feature not use hot water we are using cold water(coz of time to take out everthink in coffee with out any pressure ) … dont say its a turkish coffee its not different then tea ..who is teach u ? are u idiot or provocateur ?


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