Three Ways I Make Coffee in the Woods

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  1. Heartland Outdoor Living
    Heartland Outdoor Living says:

    We have a couple of those chairs, we love them,. 
    Oh how cool is that, I had a bunch of my stuff from when I was a kid and it all got sold. hated to hear about that. It is cool you still have some of your stuff, Great 
    I have been tossing the idea of getting one of those kettles you have for many years now, i guess one day I should go ahead and just get one. Not sure what the hang up is and why I advent bought one yet, I know they would work great. 
    I do have one of the french press coffee makers, My neighbor gave it to me, I need to do a video on it. We normally use a coffee pot from cabales, at our new little off grid mini cabin. We will start our cabin in the next year or so, still looking into what style we want for up there. 
    Ours is all black from camp fire smoke as well, it has a percolator with it, so it does a great job for camp coffee. Thanks again for sharing my friend and congrats on how well your cabin build has been and the number of subs, you have some awesome videos, so you definitely deserve all the subs and views, you have been an inspiration to many, so keep up the great work my friend.

  2. salvatore mannino
    salvatore mannino says:

    You certainly look in great shape compared to the earlier videos. As for the coffee, judging from the colour they will never make the cut with an Italian like me. Sorry Shawn I don`t mean to be disrespectful but it`s that we are so picky with coffee, us Italians. Coffee as dark as a black cat at night! That`s the only way there is

  3. Virginia Reid
    Virginia Reid says:

    My new camping pot has the basket inside but a solid top. It holds 8 cups of water. How long should I let it perk once it starts. I've searched and searched and can not find an answer.

  4. tm502010
    tm502010 says:


    Can you point me towards any videos you have on fire starting, fire making, log and pit types, and some of the equipment you use?

    I have seen numerous camp fire types in your videos… This one being a tiny and highly efficient type. This all may be trivial to many of your viewers, but not to all of us. (You make it look so easy! 😏)

    Thanks. Really enjoying your videos. Have spent abfew hours over the last couple of days just browsing the backlog… All good!

  5. Chrl Mlln
    Chrl Mlln says:

    Hello Shawn! Again a very well edited and made and inspiring and a nice video! I do love coffee outdoors and I also use a grinder for my organic fairtrade coffee beans! Thank you sir for sharing your insights and showing us how-to´s ! Highly appreciated! Best Regards from Sweden!

  6. Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla
    Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla says:

    I saw you woodlog cabin series and was great but I suspected you were not too environment friendly. Then, you shoot hundreds of deer and now I see you chop down a whole branch or worse, mini tree for a cup of java. Can't find dead trees instead?

  7. scorpiooooh
    scorpiooooh says:

    Another way to sink those grounds. After the coffee has boiled about 6 minutes take it off the fire and let it sit for one minute and then add real cold water to the pot. For a pot like the one you have say about half full I'd add about a quarter cup of cold water and that shocks the grounds sending them to the bottom. I'm going to try your method next time I go out to the camp because I've never done it that way.

  8. Connie Rifenburg
    Connie Rifenburg says:

    Have you ever used an egg in the pot of coffee? I used to do exactly as you did in the pot; "1 tsp per cup and 1 for the pot" is the general rule. After it boils for a while, I drop in an egg or just an egg white. The Egg binds the grounds in the bottom of the pot and you will have almost NO grounds when you pour your coffee. Try it. I always just called it "egg coffee". No taste of egg. The egg gets thrown out with the grounds.

  9. S Bourne
    S Bourne says:

    Tip to try: I also have a cloth filter, but I use it in a way that combines your method 2 & 3. You let the grounds steep in a larger pot of boiled water (5-8 min) and then pour through the cloth filter directly into your cup. Great for large groups too. Thanks for the video!

  10. Macs M.
    Macs M. says:

    We love decadence while "roughing it". We carry a small Bialetti Moka and make espresso directly on the campfire. Hipsters in the bush. Starbucks, eat your heart out. Don't pay a bundle for one of these in North American shops–you can find them for a few bucks in most international stores but especially if you have access to a shop that caters to middle eastern folks. The thing is that they are small and compact, take up very little room, and it takes only a few minutes to make a cup or two or pure Heaven.

  11. Stef M
    Stef M says:

    I am a huge coffee drinker (French by the way) and I never liked French press coffee I rather use an Italian percolator on campfire or stove , if I am at home I use espresso machine 15 bars pressure ,excellent coffee. Nice video.

  12. Mike Piersimoni
    Mike Piersimoni says:

    My method is to grind the coffee at home. I bought these cotton sachet sacks with a drawstring on Amazon. They measure about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2“. I fill them with the ground coffee and then I use my Stanley 20 ounce cup similar to what you have and drop them in the hot water. Awesome coffee with zero grounds. Wash them out when you get home and they are reuseable . You get about a dozen for around six or seven bucks.

  13. 2Tiedup
    2Tiedup says:

    Well I have been making coffee for many years but I learned something today. I don't like to boil mine more than one minute but I can understand how that would help keep it strong if you keep refilling it through the day. Thanks for another great video!

  14. Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward says:

    Strong and black is the only way to drink coffee (conveniently it’s the simplest too). Though if you ever have time to make a video on bush tea I would be very interested!


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