The Scientifically Perfect Cup of Tea

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  1. sxxxychocolate
    sxxxychocolate says:

    nice content. i recently got back into my tea phase again. i was introduced to proper tea by a british friend of mine and it has stuck. 1st off bagged tea is blasphemy-not my words, but i now understand why. loose tea is the proper way to go link . 2nd my favorite tea is a blend called Earl Grey Cream link (better than crack) chai teas are awesome too

  2. oliver dibbs
    oliver dibbs says:

    I'm sorry but you wankers down south don't know how to make proper English tea. Water on teabag, stir once leave to stew for a minute . Press bag against side and take tea bag out. Add milk, no sugar. Have a digestive and dunk it , perfect . Also , best tea = Yorkshire tea.

  3. Flossics
    Flossics says:

    This dude is a professor at a university who spent 180 hours solid researching this. He's probably several orders of magnitude smarter than any of you and well versed in this subject. The prof who published this was probably well aware that there are superior blends of tea and methods such as stewed loose tea using filters however the purpose of this was to use what the MAJORITY of people (particularly in Britain) use and that is your standard teabag, a mug and some milk if you take milk with your tea. Yes I am aware the pretentious "correct" way of doing this would be to use cream, however again the majority of people wouldn't use cream they would use milk. Stop being so arrogant about simple things in life because if I'm going to be really honest, if you have to pretend to have some form of intelligence about you by talking about how a bloody mug of tea should or shouldn't be made then to anyone who has a moderately working bullshit detector – you look like an idiot who is trying to compensate for your lack of a brain.

  4. MissLaVesta
    MissLaVesta says:

    So many "educated" "high-class" folk out there… We, common peasantry love to throw a teabag in a cup with some sugar and milk, in a matter of few minutes and get on with our British things that we do while the "royalty" mess about with teapots, thermometers and other fancy stuff.

    Chill out a little people. No need to always be better than everyone. Enjoy a swift-hearty-cheap-black brew once in a while and life will get better.

  5. Kimberly Doble
    Kimberly Doble says:

    cold mint tea with lemon juice and sparkling water and 1 squished strawberry and add extra strawberry juice and add a teaspoon of pineapple juice. it should rest in layers so you have to stir it together. it's very tasty you should try it oh and add a mint leaf for flair on top of the drink.

  6. Steven Rhodes
    Steven Rhodes says:

    Am i the only person that put's honey in there tea?? Although i have to reconsider putting honey in it because i switched from twinings irish breakfast to yorkshire gold and found it wasn't as good with honey. Maybe i'm off my rocker.. lol


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