The Cost of Making Coffee

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  1. John Last
    John Last says:

    I started with a poppery II that we had for 40 yrs and it worked fine, but I wanted to be able to get more consistent roasts so I bought a Fresh Roast SR700 and am glad I did. I love the openroast program you can get to use with it even though it comes with it's own Fresh Beans program for roasting. I can experiment more precisely and get the flavors I like and when I find the right combination, I can repeat it. It also makes small batches which is good for me. Those who use a lot more coffee than I do may want a bigger machine.

  2. Andreas B.
    Andreas B. says:

    A thought on blade vs. burr grinders: blades are not reliable in grinding uniformly, … so you get an uneven grind which influences the extraction; namely: dust and coarse bits! On the other hand, with a burr grinder you not only get more of an even grind but have way more control over uniform grind size of coffee particles and the beans don't get exposed prematurely to heat from the blades.

  3. Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards says:

    keep it simple with a fancy water warmer and a Rocket espresso machine in the background. I do like you message that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make great coffee and it can be accessed by anyone who wants it. so of the best coffee I have ever made was with an areopress. I just let you guys roast my coffee for me

  4. yurimodin
    yurimodin says:

    Awesome video and thanks for the perspective on keeping it simple. I have not taken the plunge into roasting or even grinding my own yet but I think I may. I recently just tossed out my Kuerig and my Mr. Coffee. Call me crazy but I just went to an electric percolator and I really love what I am getting, I know percolators get frowned upon in the gourmet community but I really like what I am getting 🙂

  5. Ibrahim Demirci
    Ibrahim Demirci says:

    I have a huge problem with about getting green coffee because there is a few green coffee vendors who ship international and shipping cost always much higher than coffee price. So there i said it usps -_-

  6. Saint Shawzy
    Saint Shawzy says:

    Tom! I always appreciate your videos – so authentic and full of honest, good-coffee-loving advice. For someone with such experience, knowledge and honed tastes to give us such simple and down-to-earth advice is so refreshing. I roast on a Behmor or popcorn popper, grind with a modified Cunill Tauro or Hario hand mill like the one you showed, and brew in a Gaggia Classic, Aeropress or Kalita Wave #1. To be honest, I've never tasted a coffee in any shop that is notably better than I can do at home. Thanks again and keep doing what you do!

  7. David Bergin
    David Bergin says:

    And this is why we trust you. It's actually in Sweet Maria's interests to sell us the more expensive roasters, grinders, and brewers. Thank you for this. Just another happy, loyal customer.

  8. Ian Bamberger
    Ian Bamberger says:

    The Virtuoso is also very good, which I own. I also like the Kuissential EvenGrind. Not in mass production yet. Found it on Ebay. The only one listed on the Internet I could find. Basically the Hario Skerton, but has a stabilizing cage to provide more consistent grind in coarser settings.


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