The Brew – Deconstructing Coffee | How to Make Everything: Coffee

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  1. soundwave070
    soundwave070 says:

    That hipster barista guy is all psyched about the metric system, yet keeps saying things like "350 grams of water". No one outside of the US that uses the metric system ever said that.

  2. damian Regalado
    damian Regalado says:

    I want to see a how to make a wallet. In the series you show how to make the leather, make the needle to sew, make the tools to mold the leather, the stains, and anything else that would be needed.

    I love the video's. And thank you, you inspire me to make more things on my own things and to look at things with more respect for how much work it takes.

  3. Jeff Axel
    Jeff Axel says:

    Could you please go back and add as a caption how much coffee grounds you used for the french press brew? Also, how many minutes you left the coffee in the french press.

  4. Shadzy
    Shadzy says:

    Sitting here grinding with a handmill and about to make a Chemex, GET ONE! They really are worth it, not to mention they actually keep one in the museum of modern art in NYC!


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