The Blockheads – How to make coffee

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  1. Syning Blade
    Syning Blade says:

    It's a year late (I hope someone answers) but could I meditate/sleep till there's one, if no, what the fudge do I do? I keep meditating but nothing happens, 2 days passed already, I'm confused!

  2. Sam Th3R4nd0mGir1
    Sam Th3R4nd0mGir1 says:

    Awwww man! I really wanted to sell coffee in the Trade Portal for people who can't get hold of the coffee cherry tree. But I need an electric stove? Now I will have to either buy one or work for a year to get one. But how will I buy one? I only have 4 platinum coins, 43 hold coins, and 27 copper coins!

  3. Royal Pride Arts
    Royal Pride Arts says:

    Hello Jane.
    I have a problem with the coffee cherries.
    I cant make them grow.
    When I plant one of them,they appear as a block of leaves.
    And I want them close to me.
    Is it a bug? Or just something with biomes?
    Ty for helping. 

  4. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    I need 5 steel for upgrade and another 5 steel for electric stove And MORE ores like iron and everything such as tin and gold just to get one cup of coffee. But it will be worth it for more progress. :D


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