Techniques: How to make coffee like a true Barista (Tutorial)

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  1. chaiTV
    chaiTV says:

    LOL "7-9 grams for 1 cup", that is a weak coffee. 14 grams for a double? No way, that is also weak. 21 grams is what it takes. Cut the extraction at just under 60ml for the perfect flat white in a large cup.

  2. Basti SoliRef
    Basti SoliRef says:

    It is annoying to watch this and criticise every minute (no detail about water hardness, the espresso was filled up in like 13sec…). Please make shure that you use credible sources, not something like that! (Istituto Nazionale Espresso or some labs)
    Sorry for grammar issues.

  3. canti505
    canti505 says:

    20kg of tamping pressure is 1. unnecessary (do a controlled experiment of identical dose on two shots yourself), 2. enough to damage your body over time under the workload of a busy cafe.

  4. ThtTimoNoOne
    ThtTimoNoOne says:

    Please, DO NOT keep any kind of coffee in the fridge (or worse: freezer)! First of all, the change of temperature causes condensation. This moisture has a big impact on the aroma.
    Secondly, if the container is not 100% airtight the coffe tends to get influenced by aromas of other things kept in the fridge extremely fast.
    At last, ground coffee looses half of his aroma within half an hour. By using refrigerated ground coffee from the day before you won't be able to create an espresso that tastes as delicious as fresh ground one.


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