Review of the Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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  1. Justin Hudgins
    Justin Hudgins says:

    双城咖啡 (Two Cities Café) here in Beijing is probably my favorite in the whole city. There’s also Zarah, which is close to Two Cities, that’s well liked. I highly recommend both if you ever make it to Beijing.

  2. Film Know Where
    Film Know Where says:

    Welcome to the coffee club! I gotta remake my pour over 8/10 video. Devocion btw is amazing, but if you want to experience coffee, montreal has an insane competition of great flavors all around town. Ill invite you sometime, if you come up.

  3. Nhat Dao
    Nhat Dao says:

    Minimalist throws away Chemex, air press, clear cups. Changing coffee gear every other month … Incoming "How to Make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee 2.0" very soon

  4. Kevin RM
    Kevin RM says:

    Hey Kraig. Really enjoy your videos. Which coffee from Devocion would you recommend to someone who is new to coffee drinking. This video made me want to give coffee a try. Being a nursing student, seems like it's a must! lol

  5. Michael Bliss
    Michael Bliss says:

    coffee boys!! haha great video I make a pour over every morning as well. I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I'd say the best coffee place here has to be Johnson Public House in case you are ever in town!

  6. Herman Pay
    Herman Pay says:

    Coffee is not a decoration for life, it is an essential necessity. I plan to visit Japan and New York in 2018. And I will go to the Devocion for sure. Like the vibe of your vlog. Keep it going. I am also a messy minimalist. Lol.


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