Pyrex Flameware 6-Cup Coffee Percolator & how I make Coffee iMovie iPhone 4S

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  1. Trina Portner
    Trina Portner says:

    You don't use any kind of a filter on the bottom and I have to go to Walmart and buy a little bitty filters for the bottom of mine I could using it because I wasn't for sure how long to leave it on over nothing so thank you for showing me now I can use mine I think they make a copy to

    MS FLORIDA says:

    Thank you so much for the video. Today I was packing my Christmas stuff away for another year and I came across a new Pyrex glass coffee pot that my mom had given me years ago. She passed away 4 years ago and since I'm not a coffee drinker, I still can't part with it. I googled "how to use a glass Pyrex coffee pot" and your video came up. Now I can use my mom's gift and keep her close at the same time. Thank you again so much for the helpful video. Aminah Sugar Bear.

  3. W Lee
    W Lee says:

    This was a great flashback in time! My cuisnart broke down….fortunately, I was able to find this glass percolator within 10 minutes. Glad it wasn't buried somewhere in the basement!


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