Pourover Coffee – How to Make The Perfect Pourover

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  1. Dan Schwemin Jr
    Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    Way to over complicate something so simple! Just put the coffee grounds in the filter and pour water on it! I'm not getting out a scale to measure grams of coffee. I'll leave that to people with OCD.

  2. Justin Silicato
    Justin Silicato says:

    Thanks for the video! Do you prefer paper filters over metal ones? I was reading recently a writer suggesting metal over paper – but that's only their opinion – curious of yours.

  3. Felix Widjaja
    Felix Widjaja says:

    Sorry but this is not perfect. I think your pouring method is too fast and rushy. Water goes down to quickly etc. And I think it's a waste of money to own that great Hario Kettle if you do it like that.

  4. matikal
    matikal says:

    Wasn't that coffee at around 200 degrees and he just put it to his mouth immediately after brewing without cooling? Wouldn't that burn your mouth?

  5. john9594
    john9594 says:

    Why weigh water, wouldn't 415 grams of water always be the same quantity? Why not just give the water quantity in ounces? Same with the coffee, 29 grams. Why not just give us the quantity of coffee in table spoons? I'm sure coffee weight can vary but giving us the coffee quantity in tables spoons should be close enough. 

  6. MJmichaeljacksonfan
    MJmichaeljacksonfan says:

    I've been watching a lot of these pour over videos to find the differences in technique, and to eventually form my own, but they all stress the amount of water having to be used, and that you must pay close attention to the scale and see how much water you are putting in, but can't you just weigh the kettle with the water in it, and then not have to pay attention to the scale? Seems that it would make it more consistent– but I am a beginner in coffee >.<

  7. Kreszentia Bichlmaier
    Kreszentia Bichlmaier says:

    Brewing coffee this way is not rocket science … trust the Americans to make such a big bloody deal about something we Germans do every day w/o fuss.  I don't know what kind of filter papers this guy is using, but my family & I never pre-treated the filter papers with water before brewing!  And we always composted the used coffee filters rather than throwing them into the trash can.  


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