Ninja Coffee Bar Review

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  1. Julie Kent
    Julie Kent says:

    First video from you, great job! Is it worth counter space? I believe so, it does a wide variety of jobs and I love strong brews. How is ease of cleaning? Looking to replace my (I know) beloved @Keurig That thing is just so damn convenient, but now they've entered politics, Im done with them. #BoycottKeurig

  2. jmh6823a
    jmh6823a says:

    I found a brand new one with the metal carafe at the Good Will for only $16! It had everything including the frother, but not the cook book. ILOVE it! They still sell this model at the Mart stores for $130-$140. I'm very happy with it 😛

  3. Chris Groner
    Chris Groner says:

    Nice review. I would like to see a teardown of the Ninja to see if it really in fact has a sensor to tell you when to clean, or if it has as I suspect no sensor, but cleaning is based on amount of "cups or carafes" brewed. I use RO water with virtually no TDS in the water and the cleaning light will still come on.

  4. Brad Junkin
    Brad Junkin says:

    True it does make a rich cup of coffee, and lot's of fancy beverages. The reason I would have to rate it so low and most important is that if you like your coffee hot … forget it. The best you can achieve is a warm cup of coffee as a single cup or using the thermos. As soon as you add any type of creamer you have to microwave your coffee to heat it up. Not that great on cold days. There is no heating element unfortunately. Spouse actually drinks tea in the morning now, for this reason. If coffee is important to you, look elsewhere.

  5. Ms. Diana
    Ms. Diana says:

    Can you use coffee pods (not K-cups) in this machine? I want to try the hotel style single pods in a drip machine so I don' t have to measure the coffee in the morning when I'm in a hurry, but can still measure my loose coffee for a carafe on the weekend. I'm replacing a K-cup machine with this one. I like the neatness of the K-cup, but not a lot of options like described with this machine. Thanks.

  6. Sherri Cutler
    Sherri Cutler says:

    We have owned this for a month, not liking it. we want to make a full pot and it only gives us half a pot and yes we have it to the full pot position although the knob only goes around and around and around if the light didn't light we wouldn't know which position it is in. Using what is recommended for coffee grounds, when the half pot is completed the grounds are everywhere, and I have to wipe up water from under the maker. Sick of cleaning up after this coffee maker. Do NOT recommend.

  7. argonautuk
    argonautuk says:

    I've bought the Ninja coffeebar, but what I've noticed this morning when I made my coffee is that it over felled the mug.
    I've selected the one cup selection, put the right amount of coffee, selected the classic brew, and when it start brewing.
    I left to have my breakfast and when I've turned I've realised that it hadn't stopped.
    My mug had been over full, into the point it dripping.

    I must admit I didn't use the mug it came with it, I've put my own mug. I don't know if that makes any difference to the product.


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