Moka Pot Coffee Making Guide

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  1. Marco di Perna
    Marco di Perna says:

    Hi RoamingBarista,
    3 things I've noticed and I think are worth to share:
    1- Filter filling;
    2- Flame intensity;
    3- Steer before you serve.

    The filter can be filled at your liking to have a stronger or lighter coffee but do overfill the filter. As a thumb rule, once you've filled the otto part with water, put the filter in and then start to fill it.
    Hold the bottom part placing your fingers around the "screw thread" and fill with coffee until a little pyramid takes shape on top of the filled filter.
    Finely grinder coffee needs pressure to release the full aroma and give a rich body.
    A low filled filter (although it gives a nice cream) doesn't help creating pressure and you'll end up having a result similar to a french-press coffee… just with a lot more work.
    Don't worry about the release valve: it's there to to it's job. If it pops, put less coffee next time.

    Flame setting should be low to medium-low maximum.
    Coffee must be a pleasure and you shouldn't rush it. Be patient and sit there for 10 minutes while the coffee comes up.
    High flames, especially in the latter stages, will burn it and ruin it.

    When the coffee is ready, steer it in the pot before you serve it.
    Coffe which came up at the early stages is more dense and bitter then the one at the latter ones.
    If you don't the first cup will be very watery and with little taste and the last one will have an extremely rich body, rich flavor but incredibly bitter.

    I hope this helped 🙂

  2. John Last
    John Last says:

    Good video., I have lots of espresso stovetop machines lol like 7 different makers . also the crema comes from the grind of the coffee and if u tamper it down it creates the crema explosion I call it. high to medium heat is ok.try Lavazza coffee crema e Gusto. makes a nice froth. I find.

  3. RoamingBarista
    RoamingBarista says:

    It's definitely a combination of many things. Fresh coffee which is freshly ground will produce richer looking crema than older coffee. Technique makes a difference but in this case i think if you have the coffee and an appropriate grind you will get these types of results.

  4. Zeitgeist971
    Zeitgeist971 says:

    Great video…..I follow this method and I always add sugar and milk to mine (Really!)…do you think that's crazy? Are you disgusted? Sorry, but that's the way I like it!

  5. Vince Canger
    Vince Canger says:

    there was nice crema on that one! do you think that's more a product of heat, freshly ground coffee, or the coffee you're using? i usually go for a low-to-high heat brew, but i think i'm gonna switch up my technique. thanks

  6. Dani J
    Dani J says:

    You have a nice voice 🙂 .. I just bought a 9 cup one at TJ Maxx for 13 dollars. (I wasn't sure what it was, but i knew it was some kind of coffee maker, so I was in ).. I love mine so much. Best purchase ever. Great video by the way.

  7. RoamingBarista
    RoamingBarista says:

    Actually this is a good question. Given that the size of the filter is not adjustable it is designed for a specific amount of coffee. So the proper use of the moka pot depends on your properly filling the this filter up. If you use half the amount of coffee and water, the water will flow through the coffee faster than it should because there isn't enough coffee to create a proper barrier. It is much better to use a small moka for smaller amounts.

  8. RoamingBarista
    RoamingBarista says:


    I will leave the top open so that i can monitor the flow and know when the shut off the heat. After the heat is cut you can close the lid. The thermal loss of having it open during the initial phase is not very consequential to the end product. The Brikka Bialetti is principally the same except with a more user friendly lid design and a better splatter control cap inside the top chamber. There is no apparent advantage of the Brikka from the perspective the coffee quality. 

  9. RoamingBarista
    RoamingBarista says:

    Hey Trekracer20,

    This is a Rekrow 4203 butane burner. It comes standards with some version of the Yama siphon pots. If you checkout the siphon pot video and page you can get more information on this burner.

  10. MasterGravitron
    MasterGravitron says:

    I can't say i use mine that precisely, but these Maka pots really do make the best coffee. I wont drink Starbucks any more that's for sure.
    I just fill the base of mine to the brim and let it over flow as i put the basket/filter in (over the sink). I use a little gas camping stove on the low setting.


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