Make Perfect Coffee at Home – Tricks and recipe for homemade coffee

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  1. Ajey Singh
    Ajey Singh says:

    I use to make my coffee in a similar manner ….just a little improvement and simplicity….you can get a rich frothy coffee if you will add hot milk in the cup with beated coffee sugar mixture in proper amount… can avoid that boiling part ….I will try this also …looks like it will make the coffee less fatty…thank you

  2. Paul Bemesderfer
    Paul Bemesderfer says:

    I made this for the first time about 15 minutes minutes ago and while it turned out pretty good! I normally drink my coffee like jet fuel though and this came out a tad weak for me. Definitely gonna experiment with this a little. Maybe more coffee and less milk. Thanks for the video!

  3. Kannan Deva
    Kannan Deva says:

    I think, this is the better way to make a tasty coffee. I am a coffee lover and I will try this, sure…..and it will be amazing get a nice coffee from a beautiful girl like you in the snowy morning with a beautiful smile………OMG!!!


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