Make a Cup of Coffee Starting From Scratch | Coffea arabica | Video

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  1. Lat Rattanavong
    Lat Rattanavong says:

    #1. Harvesting the fruit of the coffee plant, Coffee arabica.
    #2. Selecting only 95%-100 % red bean only
    #3. Removing the pulpy exterior.
    #4. Fermenting
    #5. Washing
    #6. Drying the beans (seeds).
    #7. Parchment removal.
    #8. Grade selection, beans selection, removal cracked, or eaten by insects, or dirty beans

    The background video is robusta coffee

  2. Br Tweets
    Br Tweets says:

    This was really really interesting. Quite informative. I should be revising I have an aerodynamics exam on tuesday and a solid body mechanics exam thursday and yet here we are :):):):)

  3. Huaigns LAlala
    Huaigns LAlala says:

    ….. I rather just go to the shop and buy some coffee beans if I wanted a cup of coffee xD !!! But really interesting to see what coffee beans go through to end up being in my tummy :P


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