Learn to Make the Best Camping Coffee | Canoeroots | Rapid Media

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  1. eqlzr2
    eqlzr2 says:

    If you stand on one foot and hop up and down while you swing the pot, the coffee will be much better. The fact that they use Maxwellhouse coffee in this vid speaks volumes.

  2. charles stanley
    charles stanley says:

    it still gets a big laugh whenever someone mentions me showing them how to settle the grounds and one side of my bail handle bracket broke off in mid swing.Lucky I didn't get hot coffee all over me

  3. Jonas Alexanderson
    Jonas Alexanderson says:

    In Sweden we have a special kind of coffee for this with a coarse grind. No need to do the spinning thing. Boil water, add coffee, boil 2-3 times (looks like a small volcano in the pot), take off heat, wait 5 min and it's done.


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