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  1. Josh Dauer
    Josh Dauer says:

    When I try this I only get a few drops spewed out of the top, but all my grounds are thoroughly used.. why doesn't it look like theirs which is streaming down the stem so nicely?
    Also mine has a couple metal filters that go on top of the grounds. I should use those, right?

  2. MikeAnnarose
    MikeAnnarose says:

    I tried using a stove top percolator and it will not perk! all I have is booking water at the bottom of the vessel. Ive let it boil for almost 30 minutes and upon opening my basket I noticed all my grinds were completely dry indicated water not coming up thru the tube. any advice?

  3. milusiakr
    milusiakr says:

    One of these bad boys saved my student coffee budget while being easy to operate AND making me look like a coffee magician at the same time. Using a percolator in front of people who have no idea how easy it actually is adds some major cool points 😉

  4. MrWunterslausch
    MrWunterslausch says:

    – don't pat the coffee down with a spoon — but: fill it up, tap it on a table so the coffee spreads with equal density everywhere, and strike it off with the other end of the spoon.
    the water seeks the fastest way up, so it extracts most flavour when the density is equal everywhere (and not too dense in general).

  5. bradi141
    bradi141 says:

    Once it's on the hob, you should put it at full power with the lid open, so when it starts to come up to the upper chamber you should turn the heat almost all the way down and close the lid. This way, you prevent burning the coffee (as you boil the water as quick as possible, then allowing it to seep through).

  6. Matteo Carmelita
    Matteo Carmelita says:

    hi there, just two more tips and corrections (i'm italian and i use this thing every day):
    – use a little bit more ground coffee
    – you dont't need to use hot water, room temperature is ok
    – if you use too much ground coffee and the coffee won't rise, just put the bottom part under running water (be careful not to spill che coffee in the top part of the moka) for few seconds and put che moka over heat again. Coffee will start to rise again.
    – BEFORE serving your coffee, STIR IT!!!!

    – if you like to use coffee for your cocktails, here's a tip: use the moka coffee you made the day before. The fat in your coffee will ticken and you will get a stronger flavor.


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