How To Syphon Coffee Maker

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  1. Cona Manufacturing
    Cona Manufacturing says:

    We would like to remark on 'How to Syphon Coffee Maker', although the vacuum brewer used in this clip is of asian origin.

    As manufacturer of Cona Coffeemakers, the world-renowned european benchmark of vacuum coffeemakers, we would recommend Cona users to do it differently step-by-step.

    We in particular advise users to ignite the flame much later in the proces.

    First put in pre-heated water as this clip shows. Then position the upper bowl with the filter installed onto it, not loose but airtight and functional. Then the coffee grounds can be strewn into the (still dry) upper bowl. Only then ignite the flame.

    Cona coffeemakers are manufactured by A. Gezang & Co BV in the Netherlands. For info:

  2. Brian Prior
    Brian Prior says:

    Mannnn I just came here to see how a coffee syphon works, I didn't think it would be flagrant coffee porn. I haven't even had breakfast yet and now I have to go wash the shame off.


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