How to Steam Milk with Espresso Machine | Perfect Coffee

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  1. VM D
    VM D says:

    Your espresso machine must make VERY hot steam for you to get the milk to temperature that fast. Mine takes about a minute to get the milk to the right temperature.

  2. Chris P
    Chris P says:

    why can't you steam milk with syrup add to allow better mixture of the blend ? If your your going to purge the steamer before and after wouldn't that allow it from decontamination and after most star bucks I go to don't allow me to steam syrup with my milk, even though they stir, its just not the same solid mixture as if you were to steam it all for a latte. Also most barista at local Starbucks do not qualify to make drinks if they can't keep a consistency of the same drink every time I order.

  3. Jose Blaze
    Jose Blaze says:

    its so cool to watch your videos, im a barista at starbucks in south america im going to be a trainer now and never even thought in my life id be so involved with coffee lol but here i am, love to see your method…great vids


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