How to Pull the Perfect Shot | Perfect Coffee

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  1. USmetallist
    USmetallist says:

    Why did you skip explaining all the initial steps??

    Let alone that Italians generally follow the "15/15 rule"
    15 seconds or 15 millimetres …whichever comes first

  2. Deeh Gram
    Deeh Gram says:

    Here's a lot of stupid comments. All set up depend on the barista. He already set up the amount of coffee with that auto grinder. I think that should be a cup of ristretto bruh. he keeps the logic of primal coffee with that La'marzzoco

  3. Spencer
    Spencer says:

    Ok so now i have done the majority of it all off camera i will now do things on camera 1st put basket on machine 2nd turn on machine and there you go.

  4. Goce TheMacedonian
    Goce TheMacedonian says:

    great videos. showing how to make perfect shot of espresso. many baristas don't clean the portafilter, but here is explained why. 18 grams for one shot, or 7 grams, or 10 , that's what I don't get. I thought everyone was using 6-10 grams for one shot of espresso, but here I am confused, 18 grams for one shot? hmmmm…

  5. Fuipiedra Fui
    Fuipiedra Fui says:

    good lad…but he forgot the most important thing, good quality freshly ground coffee, with optimal feature for espressos, without that there is nothing a wonderful machine and barista can do, absolutely nothing!


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