How To Naturally Darken Your Hair with COFFEE-Tried On Different Hair Colors- Beautyklove

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  1. hodatarek119
    hodatarek119 says:

    hiii nice trial nice video ….can you make a herbal or henna color to cover grey hair roots in a " brown black ' color pls >>>> thanks ….if u can make an instant hair mascara same colors for quick retouch before going out that would be awesome as it grows fast ….pls quick reply me as my birthday is in 2 days only …it would be a nice gift of u 🙂

  2. Kayana Yorudan
    Kayana Yorudan says:

    What I did was i brewed a cup of coffee and then put that in the fridge to cool, i then took a conditioner and coffee grounds and mixed all that together, apply to hair and let it settle for a hour. After said hour wash it out ( you can use a shampoo if desired, I just washed it out with water) It lasts longer and darkens the hair more than just soaking it in coffee. I did this a few days ago so I'm not sure how long it will last…. As said near the end of the video it will fade eventually..

  3. Frieda Waters
    Frieda Waters says:

    Martina Smith…Not too concerned about any green really. Mostly just being very SILLY.!! I still havn't tried it.!! I really should. It's NOT permanent. If awful, can always scrub away. Thanx for reply..Good luck


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