How To Make Your Own Coffee Pods for Pennies

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  1. Laurent Blanchet
    Laurent Blanchet says:

    OK< you're on the right track until you cut it. Now, before you go think I'm a know-it-all: I've been doing this every day for years now, so I've literally done this over a thousand times. When you cut the filter, don't cut all of it: leave a tab about 1.5" wide that you can fold over the top. When you have them open like yours, the outlet pinhole gets clogged up with coffee grinds.

    Also, if you grind your coffee right before using it, your coffee still has oils in it, and will stick together in a puck shape better so you won't make a mess putting into the coffee machine.

  2. Bardos Csaba
    Bardos Csaba says:

    Pods where made for lazy people ergo they won't waste there time to make them.
    Much easier to use a normal espresso machine and cheaper even if you buy fresh roasted coffe.

  3. arjumand siddiq
    arjumand siddiq says:

    Thank you for Very good video. I want to ask few things. I got my first coffee machine nescafe dolce gusto krups. Can I use same pods in my machine which u showed in this video? Can I use the regular coffee of nescafe which comes in jars in granuals form? we can use milk in coffee machine as well? can we make cappacino or latte in that machine with same pods which u showed? I never used coffee machine before.
    Thank you

  4. niacal4nia
    niacal4nia says:

    Good video for making your own pods, however why would you buy that machine and use Safeway French Roast and waist a filter? You could have done that in a cheap drip coffee maker. I suggest getting a Delonghi Ec155 or EC220 15 bar pump espresso machine which costs less than $100 and takes both grounds and Pods.


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