How to Make Your Best Coffee Ever

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  1. Gottatoke Tosmoke
    Gottatoke Tosmoke says:

    If you wanna learn how to make the best coffee ever, watch this video, forget everything this dumb bitch says and go find a different video. Whoever made this has no idea how to make real, good coffee.

  2. john lee
    john lee says:

    i have none of those… i just boil the water, 2 spoon of sugar,1 spoon of coffee add the hot water, stir, than add condense milk. and done 😀 Evaparation milk if you want

  3. John Cena
    John Cena says:

    I can't believe you yanks need a damn machine to make such a simple pleasure of life. This video made me just. Get aids, die twice over and got RKOed. Now, fuck off and let me go create a coffee and pour it over the child next door.


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