How to make Vietnamese coffee

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  1. leaddispenser9
    leaddispenser9 says:

    I have 3 of these.. All different sizes. for the small one about your size I use 2 tablespoons, I brew about 8oz of coffee. The next size I use about 4 or 5 spoons, I make 16oz of coffee. and my biggest I use 6 spoons, and I can make a 24 to 32 oz of coffee. none of these ratios is on the light side. However, using the proper grind is a big factor.. before I start brewing I use 1 tblspn for the small to swell the grinds, 2 for the medium and 3 for the large. I wait 20 to 30 seconds. I'm from Louisiana so we take much pride in our drip pots. I'm very grateful there is such a thing to make single cups. or smaller pots…absolutely a need for a camping trip.

  2. Jacob E
    Jacob E says:

    Got back this week from Vietnam, with both coffee and a very nice Phin, the one with the solid metal, the filter attached to the tray part and solid screw mechanism. Love it 🙂
    The only things is…no way to make the coffee really hot. I dont mind but some people like it hot, very hot.

  3. Dominic Viti
    Dominic Viti says:

    Thank you for the video…I have a screw Phin….can you give the directions for making a 12 oz. cup of TG gourmet blend coffee..and do I need to use the condensed milk to make it drinkable ? I tried making this in my Phin with 3 teaspoons and the coffee was horrible…is the grind to fine in the bag ? Water is at the right temp. Need your help…I thank you in advance for your help….

  4. Mabel mabs
    Mabel mabs says:

    Thank you Anthony for the lovely video and music! Your video is exactly like the slow drip of coffee percolates through the Phin. It gives us a reminder to slow down in our busy city life. tq :)

  5. thegaunlet
    thegaunlet says:

    Nice instructional video on how to make Vietnamese coffee using the Phin. Just got a 7oz Phin.

    I really like the coffee it makes and it being fairly cheap/portable/durable really makes it the choice for me.

    I tried 2 tablespoons of coffee, did the initial soak but filled it to the brim instead. It yield 100ml of coffee. 60ml will be a real strong shot.

    Been thinking of getting an 8oz or 11oz Phin by Inox Tan Tien Dat.

    Thanks to Vietnam for the Phin :D

  6. Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen says:

    I made this video from my lens test footage, I have no experience in neither filming nor film editing, I like this Amélie soundtrack and I tried my best to make this video. Keyboard warriors with mean comments from +Boing Boing dot net or whatever it is. If you didn't contribute better videos with better recipe, please GTFO  

  7. james deroc
    james deroc says:

    how about the fact that 95% of coffee served in vn is counterfeit coffee. there is some coffee in there but there is also fillers like corn or soybean and "coffee flavor" that's why it has that weird black color that you can never get if you use real coffee

  8. Georg Auer
    Georg Auer says:

    I still don't understand how someone can like vietnamese coffee. They have so much tasty food in Vietnam, but the coffee… In the few weeks i've been there i drunk coffee from time to time, just to be reminded everytime how bad it is. I admit i might count as an coffee addict and that's why it was hard for me living without a proper one. No really, i did not drink one good coffee there. Vietnamese coffee is unfit for consumption without milk, and combined with condensed milk it is just worse (sugary slime).
    Nevertheless, i found a way to drink it after all: with little condensed milk, an additional half of water and lots of ice.
    It seems to me that this is pretty far away from coffee, which i normally enjoy black..
    But if i ever feel really desperate, thanks to this video i now know how to reproduce it.


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