How to make Vietnamese coffee – Ca phe sua da

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  1. Snake Ja
    Snake Ja says:

    what would you suggest if I wanted to sell this in a café I need a way to make it faster. How much coffee to water would I need if I wanted to make a gallon of this coffee to have readily available for customers?

  2. Ray Titselaar
    Ray Titselaar says:

    hai Helen i use 2 coffeespoon of nescafe gold i tablespoon of condens milk 3coffee spoon of milk powder 1 bag a 8 grams of vanile sugar 1/3 cup of hot water and fill it of with ice taste also really good try it

  3. dominic navarro
    dominic navarro says:

    very nice video detailing this method of coffee making. Vietnamese coffee is an awesome eye opener. at home i course grind fresh roasted beans that I also use to make espresso (a finer grind), as well as French press, which i use coarse grind also.  i find dark roasted beans make the best ethnic styles of brewed coffee.

  4. Joseph Guglielmo
    Joseph Guglielmo says:

    Just got back from Ha Noi and never had a more exquisite cup of coffee in my ENTIRE LIFE! Literally! I was hooked after the first cup. My dear Friend Ms Hoang Yen gave me and my brother Vietnamese coffeemakers…we could never thank her Enough.

  5. DancingZombie
    DancingZombie says:

    Vietnamese coffee is the best! But if you REALLY want to enjoy, you must go to Vietnam! It is sooooo good there, I could not be patient or wait for my ice to melt – I sucked it down quick!


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