How to Make Very Powerful Coffee that Lasts For Hours

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  1. dylon williams
    dylon williams says:

    Is there any reason you keep your coffee in your fridge or is it just a place to store I have never seen anyone else store there coffee like that but you have done more coffee related research that anybody I know I would like to know if there is some hyperconvulted Reason one it makes the coffee better I love coffee and want to get the most out of every glass

  2. David Taylor
    David Taylor says:

    Just made this kind of coffee today with Deathwish Coffee, Kerrymaid butter and with a not too expensive coconut oil and it`s worked for me 😀 After 20 minutes, got the "Big Boom" (as i call it sometimes) effect. I still can not blink >.<

  3. Tyler Clemons
    Tyler Clemons says:

    I just tried this personally today and must say it did not disappoint. I drank one cup with all the ingredients Mac listed at 6am this morning and it is now 3:30 now and still feel great. Thanks Mac ! And keep underground alive!

  4. lawrenceshdow
    lawrenceshdow says:

    So… Who's tried this???  What do you think??

    I drink this shit pretty often (using regular organic virgin coconut oil). It's great, but just like smoothies and shit it adds time to the morning routine; I have rushed mornings so blending and cleaning my blender can be a bit much for me to do EVERY MORNING. I know I'm lazy… Lots of mornings I just stir in a spoon full of Coconut oil. 


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