How to Make Vegan Coffee Creamer Dairy-free | Edgy Veg

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  1. x00p3
    x00p3 says:

    I simply add equal amounts of soy milk and high oleic safflower oil in a jar and use the stick blender for about a minute. It's very close to cream in both taste and consistency.

  2. thoughtank101
    thoughtank101 says:

    Wow, you sure need a lot of time to be vegan, lol. I live by myself and i am a gamer, so dam hard to, cook, clean, work and game, it takes a lot of discipline, lol.

  3. singingtuna
    singingtuna says:

    i am starting to believe that the first step in vegan cooking is to have a high speed blender. it will be my priority when moving out okidoki. no blender = no food for me.


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