How to make the South Indian Filter Coffee

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  1. MedianMagic
    MedianMagic says:

    Oh, the joys of South Indian filter coffee! Our filter has been in the storage for a while. Thanks to this video, we'll probably bring it out and start enjoying filter coffee all over again! :-)

  2. Pleasurable Demise
    Pleasurable Demise says:

    Very good video, I liked this a lot! I was recently prompted to write an article about this style of coffee and how it is made, and since I had never heard about this before, your video was very helpful!

  3. fridginators
    fridginators says:

    How long should the decoction take to be filtered? My filter takes hours and hours to filter any coffee down into the decoction, and I'm sure the holes aren't clogged. Is it based on the actual coffee itself? I just bought regular MS brand ground coffee – do I need to find a proper 'filter coffee blend' so it actually takes 10-20 minutes rather than 2-4 hours?


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