How to Make the Perfect Espresso with the Aeropress Coffee Maker

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  1. Antonio DG
    Antonio DG says:

    na…. too much work. When you have to make one for yourself, that's alright, but when you have 6 guests, you'll spend half hour. I'll stick to the old fashion moka machine.

  2. Michele Prickett
    Michele Prickett says:

    There was a time when espresso was make on a stove top. So what came first the 19 bars of pressure or good espresso. It all comes down to quality coffee and preference.  Thanks for this video.  I enjoy both this type of coffee and my machine espresso.

  3. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    this really isn't espresso, more like a very concentrated cup of coffee which can be diluted to make an americano. To make a true espresso you need an extreme amount of pressure that just can't be achieved with the aeropress. 


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