How to make the perfect cup of coffee using the Breville BES860 – Appliances Online

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  1. PT
    PT says:

    Hello, Question about the steamer apparatus.
    Is that a naked milk steamer or is that one covered with the additional steel tube?

  2. LF in the Great NW
    LF in the Great NW says:

    This is such a great video thank you! Question…if you select the 2 shot option, it seems really like only one shot is coming out. Is there a way to get more results? Possibly select the 2 shot option twice to get more coffee?

  3. Barbara Lindberg
    Barbara Lindberg says:

    If this helps anyone in Canada, I had trouble getting into the expresso range on my Breville Barista until I used Canadian Kick Ass Grizzly Claw whole coffee beans set on grind size 3 with a moderate/light tamp done. I hope this helps someone out there.

  4. Moreno Bonechi
    Moreno Bonechi says:

    Good and useful video. I bought this machine and I'd like to know what grind size and grind amount settings you used during the video shooting.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  5. wilson ganks
    wilson ganks says:

    Hi, I got the Australian import of the breville BES870xl. Now when I use the steam wand, I flick the switch over to steam. But most of the time it does nothing, I actually got to give it another slight flick, like as though there's a trigger switch at the end of the knob to start preparing the steam function. Is this normal or is the machine has problem?

  6. calvin cadrix
    calvin cadrix says:

    Hey just wondering if youre using the single or double basket? and single or double grind? I had a go with my 870 today and coffee did not taste that good (my problem). Need lots of practice frothing the milk too! 

  7. jj box
    jj box says:

    THE best, most informative advice seen on my search to learn what I was doing wrong – (with a non Breville machine)  Thanks Phil 🙂 Now I am making good espresso (with my DeLonghi)

  8. Andre O
    Andre O says:

    That coffee is now to cold to give to your guests unless you tell them to drink it immediately.
    The coffee from this machine is not hot enough.
    I bought one 3 weeks ago and found that I had to warm the cups and the basket up with boiling water to get the coffee to and expectable temperature, that is after warming the machine up for almost half an hour. I also use a thermometer to check the milk temperature. It takes over 2 minutes to get the milk frothed and the temperature up to around 67 deg C. Two minutes is also a long time to wait for your milk to be frothed.
    You will not hold the milk jug the he does in this video when the milk is in the 60 degrees.
    I phoned the Breville  supplier in South Africa to find out if they will be getting the updated version (BES870) where this problem is sorted out and they told me "NO".
    So do yourself a favor and don't buy this machine unless you want to heat your coffee in the microwave before giving it to your guests.
    I wanted the BES870 but cannot get it.
    I am sorry I bought this machine.


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