How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee | Consumer Reports

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  1. eqlzr2
    eqlzr2 says:

    Sorry, but the validity of this video is immediately put into question (IMHO) when the opening shots show someone taste testing coffee from a metal spoon. lol

  2. Bruce Solomon
    Bruce Solomon says:

    For cones I use a gold filter to eliminate the taste of paper in the coffee but I was wondering if any of your testers favored using a French Press as I do. I use mine with French Roast coffee and it produces a coffee with a very full bodied flavor. 

  3. 2008calander
    2008calander says:

    The best part of making your coffee at home is you can avoid leaching plastics and GMO's and save money doing it. From what I see every other ingredient besides the coffee like at Starbucks is GMO or GMO feed byproducts. So drink up America cancer is only $5 a cup.

  4. Zone07
    Zone07 says:

    I think the math is a bit wrong there about saving $200 a year; unless you are comparing really crap coffee outside vs premium coffee at home. There should be a larger gap between premium home coffee vs premium made coffee. If not, then I rather spend that $3.50 a week and have my coffee made.  I think is more like $750/year.


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