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  1. j mo
    j mo says:

    Here, we have a hipster brewing with a vacuum siphon coffee maker. Just leave this method to the Japanese buddy… they do a better job AND you can cut out the snobbery, bullshit, and unnecessary forms of "control" over the coffee; i mean, did that guy just take the temperature of the water as it was being heated?? lol, that water is being drawn up the siphon at the same point whether you take it's temp or not dipshit, just let it do its thing, smh.

  2. lgnfve
    lgnfve says:

    this is more show than substance. stove top Bialetti can make as good if not better cup, Americano, if using same coffee. more voodoo in coffee making than almost any other industry.

  3. Robin Chen
    Robin Chen says:

    my mom used to have one of these when I was little, that was before my coffee drinking days…now I use Moka pot mostly, this is very neat but seems to be a lot of trouble for a cup of joe

  4. ouagadougou62
    ouagadougou62 says:

    How would this compare to regular filtered coffee? Everything else being the same, or course, same coffee, same ground and same amount. Meaning not a large amount of coffee, in this case you end up with just one cup and the coffee ends up filtering through a cotton filter. I'm not talking about dramatic impact since this wins hands down. I bought one of those 2 months ago and haven't used it yet since it takes so much time to prepare. Thanks

  5. Mike Fearn
    Mike Fearn says:

    My new process for making Caffe Depurato (patents pending) takes this a step further, and makes superior coffee, and can also make French press style coffee but without the bitterness.

  6. Robert Frapples
    Robert Frapples says:

    Idiots once again prove that even a great and simple thing like coffee can be hijacked and grossly overcharged for in the states. Remember the statement "That and a DIME will get you a cup of coffee?" It really could! And if anything, the taste has gone DOWNHILL since then. The worst part is that they make these little counter-rats think they're scientists by calling them "baristas" and giving them two days of training. Then they expect a dollar tip on every 4 dollar cup of coffee they "create"! Thanks, Starbucks!

  7. MrBeach
    MrBeach says:

    And this is why coffee workers get such a bad rap for not knowing anything about what they are doing, selling, or working with.

    The physics of vapor pressure and the vacuum process controls the temperature of the water, not some clueless person adjusting the flame.  The coffee grounds are supposed to be in the top vessel during the entire process, not just swished around after the water rises.  And historically, most vacuum pots do not use any sort of paper filter.  They use a mechanical object , (a glass rod, or a plastic or metal disk), to block the grounds from being sucked back into the lower pot during the vacuum.  No paper filter is typically used for this type of coffee preparation, (modern versions are the Bodum Santos/Pebo, Hario, etc….).

  8. Keith
    Keith says:

    So pretentious. I buy my coffee from this Bridgehead (I'm assuming this is the roaster in little Italy), but methods like this for brewing coffee are so pretentious. An Aeropress is just as good, and a fraction of the cost. Heck, just mix the hot water and coffee in some kind of vessel, and then pass it through a basket or cone filter. You get the exact same result without all the pointless ritual and showmanship…


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