How To Make The BEST Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

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  1. Paul linos
    Paul linos says:

    Just buy good quality Arabica variety coffee that has been well washed with clean water and well picked(only mature beans selected ) and you wont need to do cold brew coffee. Well selected beans and well washed coffee wont be bitter and they will have low acidity. Arabica= sweetest coffee type

  2. Kyle H
    Kyle H says:

    Bro why TF do you say the last word of each sentence completely different from every other word??? Its like you are trying to make every sentence sound like it soooo extremely important its honestly annoying as F@#$ to watch… Just talk normal bro stop tryna act like Billy Mays lol

  3. Micah Pounders
    Micah Pounders says:

    So if I increase the amount of ground coffee then I increase the caffeine content right? Lets say I put 12oz of grounds as opposed to 8? I need higher caffeine content. I drink a Kona cold brew and it has 220mg per 12 oz…that's what I'm shooting for.

  4. Rizki Febriyanto
    Rizki Febriyanto says:

    In my country, there's not much coffee shop selling coffee beans and the grinder is little bit too expensive for me. So, instead of using coffee beans, can we use some instant coffee powder?


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