How to make the best coffee with your home espresso machine

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  1. PDamian
    PDamian says:

    I got a DeLonghi espresso maker for Christmas, and made cup after cup of semi-decent coffee. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I watched your tutorial, and my next cup of coffee was FANTASTIC. Thanks ever so much! (Basically, I wasn't letting the machine heat properly, and I wasn't foaming the milk long enough. I think I might have been overtamping, too.)

  2. á a
    á a says:

    It is a stupid shit video!!!! Please delete iT….
    f**k the whole pathetic
    Bad machine, bad shit grinder, unuseable tamper, farcical tecniques… LOL

  3. f0rtuzer0
    f0rtuzer0 says:

    Why would you use a blade grinder to try and demonstrate how good an espresso can be from a domestic machine? Hardly giving it a chance, lol. You can get a pretty decent Krups burr grinder for about £35

  4. f0rtuzer0
    f0rtuzer0 says:

    You say `cheap` machines will never make a coffee as good as a 3.5k machine. What is the difference, if not pressure. What are the other variables?! It's hot water being forced through ground beans. I can't imagine what other variables (other than water temp, and initial water quality) directly affect the taste of the coffee. Why is a 3.5k machine 3.5k (other than engineering, longevity, and designed for much larger MTBF)?

  5. Richard Lamoreaux
    Richard Lamoreaux says:

    For you people using pressurized portafilters on your home espresso machines (most of you), you do not need to tamp, or maybe just a little to level out the coffee. Finely ground coffee and a 30 lbs tamp can overwhelm your machine and definitely not taste as good.

  6. Denise P
    Denise P says:

    How do you like the EC702? I currently had an EC155, but sometimes seemed loud. Which would you recommend? The 155 is less expensive. They seem to both possibly sound the same, but this unit you have in the video doesn't vibrate too much does it?

  7. Peter L
    Peter L says:

    Nice video aimed at people with budget equipment. As they get more serious they can replace the blade grinder with a burr grinder, get a high quality tamper etc. I got my coffee maker used on Craigslist and my burr grinder at a thrift store, so equipment doesn't have to cost a fortune.

  8. Psyfer
    Psyfer says:

    What I know is that there's soo many coffee shops that doesn't know how to make espresso shots. Places with insanely expensive espresso machines that fail terribly at making a good espresso. With allot of time and effort and failures plus getting a perfect grind I make myself the best espresso that no shop can make and I most certainly don't have a very expensive machine.

  9. mike ryan
    mike ryan says:

    Well done mate. Appreciate the time and effort in sharing your knowledge. Shame there are so many keyboard warriors coming on here and talking shite.

  10. George Clogenson
    George Clogenson says:

    Sorry but this not a good espresso at all! You need to do your espresso shot before using the
    steam nozzle because when you use it, the water in the expresso machine go over 100 degrees and will burn your coffee if you use it before the expresso shot.


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