How to make the best coffee with the Aeropress – Inverted Method

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  1. G F
    G F says:

    Love the video. But I never pour water through the funnel, I don't want it wet for the next batch of grinds to go through. Great video though.

  2. Pete Ferguson
    Pete Ferguson says:

    New to coffee, struggling, and love French Press weekends at home…. but can't get the same out of my many attempts to replicate in a single serve machine at work 🙁  … Going to try your method next! Thanks – great & fun to watch.

  3. rachel israel
    rachel israel says:

    this was very helpful. i dont let it steep for 3 minutes and i do moisten the filter beforehand a bit but other than that, i did learn a lot. it seems every video is different with what they recommend. some i see have really sophisticated grinders, some sophisticated kettles and some sophisticated scales. as others have said, the aeropress can be used many different ways and coffee is ultimately a matter of personal taste. great video and very cute! 🙂

  4. swmgec
    swmgec says:

    I'm not sure what's not to like here. Firstly, I just bought one of these and was instantly underwhelmed when all the water drained out as I was stirring; secondly, though the coffee wasn't bad, it certainly wasn't nuanced as a result of the near instant completion. So, like everyone else, I read up and realized there was an inverted technique, though only reading it, impatiently I might add, was not demonstrative enough. Now, I read some of the comments, and how supercilious are coffee folks…"another guy who didn't wash the filter–enjoy your paper coffee…" Wow. Enjoy your limited cognition dipshit. Then: "…a french press for hipsters…" Well, I beg to differ. I am tired of the daily grind of my french press, and I am tired of drinking nearly a liter of coffee in one sitting. This, friends and neighbors, is cool because it is done quicker and I can single-serve without buying a Keurig or some other such nonsense. And yes, I have a tiny french press, too, but I like what comes out of my aeropress better. I considered a job at a coffee store, but I don't think I could deal with a third of you nudniks. Thanks for a great vid.

  5. Steve Liddle
    Steve Liddle says:

    Cheers for the upload, my cheap £15 drip coffee machine died recently and been back onto instant coffee and have been thinking about what sort of coffee I want to make, would use freshly boiled water around 80-90C, would not weigh the coffee, but use a couple of tablespoons into a coffee / herb grinder.

    The aeropress with a metal filter makes a lot of sense as the paper can absorb any oils present and might work if I add cocoa solids or pure chocolate as it blocks the drip filter I used to use.

    The inverted method seems better as you can brew the coffee for as long as you want and then filter into the cup


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