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  1. David Sellers
    David Sellers says:

    I'm glad I stumbled upon you! I was looking up videos on how to make great coffee. All the videos I saw prior to yours were a little boring. And then I came across your blog and became even more inspired!! Keep up the good work and I'm excited to follow your creative journey in life~~~ :)

  2. kostasbm
    kostasbm says:

    I think in the US you make your coffee too watery. In greece frape(french accent) is really popular..its premade filtered coffee, you add water you shake it and it's ready. It tastes really bad though :P

  3. Josh Baranski
    Josh Baranski says:

    I Love to see how passionate you are about coffee.  Your helpful hints have and will improve my life.  One hint I would love to know is How do you get the volume in your hair.  I style my hair very similar, except I have my sides shaved higher than yours.  My problem is the flatness of my quiff or quoff, whichever..  It may seem too vain to do a whole hair tutorial video, but maybe a couples hair tutorial with a comedic spin would still be helpful to me. Thanks and  Love you both!!

  4. Rod Pitts
    Rod Pitts says:

    Hahaha!! Awesome video, dude! Got here from Instagram. 😛

    Thoughts and favorite moments of the video as I watched it:
    – Do you use chemex any? That's my favorite. I like aeropress as well.
    – "This is a homemade bench press!" 
    – "…as brown as it looks – like poop." 
    – "If they aren't fair trade then you are hurting the earth, you are hurting people, and you should just stop."  TRUTH.
    – tumblr is where it's at, dude! It's where I spend most of my time online when not on Instagram. ha
    – I'm totally about to follow you on Flickr and tumblr. 

  5. Sarah Bennett
    Sarah Bennett says:

    I had a professor last semester who said that we were only allowed to bring coffee to class if it was fair trade. He said he could tell if it wasn't because he could smell the oppression.
    Anyway great vid! I've been using an automatic drip coffee maker like a damn fool and you've shown me the error of my ways!


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