How to Make Quick 2-Minute Iced Coffee

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  1. Fredrik Farnes-Hansen
    Fredrik Farnes-Hansen says:

    You really don't need an AeroPress to make a good cup of Ice Coffee =P It's not hard. Once you have made your cup (of whatever coffe you like), just shake it in a shaker with ice, or place the cup in a bucket filled with ice and let it cool over time. Once that is done you can mix it with whatever you like, but most of the time milk and sirup will do the trick. Poor everything in a glass with ice, done. Enjoy!

  2. Elite Muppet
    Elite Muppet says:

    Apparently its a no no to poor your coffee from your coffee pot into a glass of ice because the way it is cooled makes the taste undesirable… What does he do? the same thing but with a fancy french press.. He pored steaming hot coffee from his brewing device into a class of ice. Genius. Lmao omg so ridiculous.

    Another thing… "allowing coffee to be cooled slowly you get an unwanted amount of acid build up, it doesn't taste very favorable" "You want to cool it instantly" Hmm… isn't adding hot coffee to a giant class of ice cool it instantly? hmm… What does poring hot coffee from the pot into ice do? the same thing he did? hmm… I don't know about this guy…. lol

    Edit: I see a difference in the way it is pored, small trickle allowing the coffee to cool much faster… Just need a really small funnel and tada!

  3. CornishCreamtea07
    CornishCreamtea07 says:

    Somehow he managed to make coffee boring. All the measuring and having the right amount. You should know how much coffee to put in by experience. And all the preparations, how about two shots of Espresso. put them in a glass full of ice and add a bit of water.

  4. Joey Bukowski
    Joey Bukowski says:

    they need to retitle this to… to make iced coffee after buying a stupid machine for 40 dollars and watching a stupid video where a lady jokes about injecting herself with heroine based coffee

    aka dont watch this video

  5. aelxrcom
    aelxrcom says:

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  6. marbacc
    marbacc says:

    Does it really make a difference? I use a mokah pot. Right after the coffee is done I pour it into a mug with the desired sugar so it can dissolve quicker, then into a container filled with ice stir it for about 30 seconds and it's done.

  7. apagoogoo
    apagoogoo says:

    i use my aeropress to make what i call "the linebacker": first i steam milk with the steam wand of the espresso maker, and then i press the steamed milk through a fresh medium grind guatemalan coffee (instead of hot water).


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