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  1. Tee Bee
    Tee Bee says:

    why are you using exact meaasurement? why the use of grams? also most people dont have a grinder like that, most people also dont know the difference in coarse. I think the point of using a french press, or a pour over, is to make strong coffee, not this hipster crap. you are turning an addiction into an art form that is un-needed. yes you are proud of your job, but really you are taking classic ways of making coffee, and turning them into expensive forms. good video but being a connoisseur myself i dont believe in measuring anything, a professional should know exactly how much by eyeing it.

  2. Brad M
    Brad M says:

    Actually, what you do first is you have to have to find a glacier and harvest some ice. Now melt that ice at exactly 23 degrees Celsius and let stand in a crystal decanter at a 35 feet elevation for 3 days. Then you take your beans and grind until they are exactly…exactly… 1.485783 milometers in diameter. You then have to soak the filter for 5 days in a bath of RODI water (also from a glacier). You then place the coffee in the filter one granule at a time, saturating each granule with an eye dropper and waiting 3 minutes between each drop. If you skip this step, it can cause molecules in the grounds to become unstable, and possibly cause a quantum singularity to form. Once you fully saturate each drop of coffee you want to take the rest of the water, and throw it out. You will want to use desalinated sea water (from the Atlantic, not the Pacific, the Atlantic) and pour that on the grounds. Stick the decanter in a proton accelerator for 6 minutes and then serve. If somebody breathes during the process throw out and start again.


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