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    sigh. I can't tell if your french press is the same size as mine or not. I have a really hard time making coffee. I usually don't add enough water. Any way you can tell me exactly how much water you add? Thanks

  2. Jane Straker Gray
    Jane Straker Gray says:

    just discovered your channel via @Gentle Thrifty Mama and love that you're a cool CANADIAN mom! i love french press coffee and percolator coffee, but only seem to french press in the summer when we go camping. camping coffee is like a spiritual experience for me.

  3. gareth mitchell
    gareth mitchell says:

    you should try leaving your water to cool for a couple of minutes, boiling water can burn your grounds apparently. Also if you like French press try an areopress , makes amazing coffee and no grounds in your mug ??

  4. Ilaria Noisette
    Ilaria Noisette says:

    Amanda!!! 🙂 It seems really good!! Have you ever tried coffee made with moka coffee maker?!?! Here, in Italy, we used a lot mocha coffee and also, obviously, espresso coffee, which is a little bit stronger than this one, but it's also good. It depends by the way you prefer. big kisses amazing woman 🙂 <3

  5. Kia O'Hara
    Kia O'Hara says:

    Love this ! I bought a French Press from Ross and wasn't sure how to use it lol…. so my coffee was coming out too weak. I just followed your directions and it is better (I wasn't steeping long enough) but now I know I also need some fresher and more robust coffee. BTW my French Press was only $8 ! so worth it at work where you can't always plug a coffee maker in.

  6. The Vanderbys
    The Vanderbys says:

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I am loving your channel even more lately! Always have, but I find that when I have a few minutes to pop onto youtube..I go straight to you and catch up on all of your videos 🙂

    Sitting in a coffee shop trying to get a couple of power hours of work in, while my husband is at home with baby. Watching your videos on my ipad while I work away and edit on my laptop! Woo! Keep it up girl :)

  7. K Ortiz
    K Ortiz says:

    Strong Cooofffeeee!! You speak my language. 🙂 I love love a good strong coffee and prefer what I make at home over other places as well. I noticed you had Colombian coffee. You should check out Costco's Kirkland Colombian coffee. We used to buy Nabob, but its pricey. Now kirkland is the only on I buy. Special trips to costco just for it. :)

  8. Jamie R.
    Jamie R. says:

    I am addicted to my french press! Have you ever tried pure maple syrup in your coffee as sweetener? Is super yummy. Haven't tried honey before, gonna have to give it a whirl tomorrow. Thanks for sharing the coffee love with us all!

  9. Roseanna Robles
    Roseanna Robles says:

    I love french press coffee too. We have two Bodums, a regular sized one and a little one (for two cups or one). I also pour the leftover boiling water into my cup to wait while the coffee brews to warm up my cup.

  10. Julie May
    Julie May says:

    Totally wanting a cup of coffee now at 11:23 pm… Thanks! LOL. Ive been wanting a french press for awhile now. Now u just made me want one even more!!!!!! I love your channel btw. I'm a newer subbie but so glad I found u!

  11. holdendmb
    holdendmb says:

    I loved everything about this video. Your beautiful face, pleasant talking voice, and one of my favorite topic's of conversation… COFFEE! I have had French press coffee at a friend's house and it was the best!


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