How To Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (N2O Nitrous Oxide)

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  1. draukan
    draukan says:

    FYI, Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is laughing gas, that's right, the same stuff that your dentist gives you to knock you out, or racers feed to their cars to overheat engines.

    Beer Gas (N2 + CO2) is a totally different gas, which is what I suspect you're using. It would be good to make this clarification to avoid people getting extra high…

    Another note, the reason keg setups are more expensive (besides they just cost more for all that stainless steel) is that when you pour a real glass of Nitro Beer (or coffee) you get 80% liquid and 20% foam. You're getting all foam here, which will kill a lot of the mouthfeel when it settles (as you note). Not to say squirting whipped coffee into your mouth isn't fun and all, but IMO it's not really the same effect.

  2. Matthew Carberry
    Matthew Carberry says:

    Is there an optimal amount of time to wait in between charging the cream whipper and pouring the coffee? Do you release any of the excess air after charging? Also, could you charge the cream whipper with two N2O cartridges to make it even creamier?


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