How to Make Moka Pot Coffee & Espresso – The BEST Way (Tutorial)

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  1. Kyle Fry
    Kyle Fry says:

    If your ground size is not set to espresso or close to it, it's not really espresso. This moka pot won't pull you a true shot with the 3 parts of an espresso shot but every now in then I'll get a little cremé. It uses a similar process, forcing pressurized steam/water vapor through the grounds, as a machine just can't produce 9bars of pressure. Final note: espresso is all about ground size, it's what separates a good and bad shot aside from the beans.

  2. Jekku
    Jekku says:

    I've had a couple of moka pots and I've yet to make a NON-bitter brew. What do you think I'm doing incorrectly? I've tried different coffees, temps and grinds. I want my moka!

  3. nelinjo
    nelinjo says:

    Tried my first two times in 3 cup size and it was very coarse. Not sure how much coffee to put in for a latte nor how much water. Could you shed some light on this? Thanks.

  4. swd742
    swd742 says:

    Great video! Thanks a lot! My wife and I recently traveled to Cozumel and had cuban coffee both on board the ship and when we hung out in Miami waiting for a flight. Needless to say, I ordered a 3-cup Bialetti IMMEDIATELY! However, my first couple of batches had the burnt taste. The hot water/low heat tips made my current pot PERFECT! Thanks again. I now have a fantastic way to relive our vacation over a small cup of coffee :-)

  5. Akidimas
    Akidimas says:

    cute, and beautiful. i like the way you making mistake and try this to joke. its very usefull. thx alot. im wrong with clean the mokapot with temperatur water to clean shoap on mokapot. what will happend??

  6. FraxFred
    FraxFred says:

    Thank you for some cute, funny and lots of good tips videos ! I just purchased the 3-cups which is perfect for me, fell totally in love with it. Your tips make me enjoy my morning coffee even more :). Go ahead !

  7. Fennec Besixdouze
    Fennec Besixdouze says:

    Those grinds are much, much, much too coarse. Whatever you use for espresso, just go at most one step coarser for moka.

    Basically moka grind looks just like espresso to sight until you get it in your fingers: espresso will have characteristic clumping, moka will have a lot less.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, just buy a bag of LavAzza or Illy moka ground coffee and you can see exactly what a moka grind looks like.

  8. konafan
    konafan says:

    Good vid. Have you compared Aeropress coffee with the Moka pot? I've just started experimenting with Aeropress. Right now I get better coffee from my little one cup Bialetti Moka and I like the way it can brew away in the background while I make toast :)

  9. Will Allen
    Will Allen says:

    I find moka coffee to be better than espresso. It has a more full body flavor to me. You tend to get higher extraction from moka pots as well and a more controlled temperature if done right. I sometimes set my temp to low and it will take a good 10 minutes or so but its well worth the wait.

  10. MrDefamatt
    MrDefamatt says:

    Putting already-hot water in the pot is totally useless, and – why you said water level should be under the valve? Actually it should pass a bit the filter, for istance when the filter is on like at 0:17 water should came out from that tiny holes.

    Source: I'm Italian xD

  11. risdiansah21
    risdiansah21 says:

    Hi MokaBees,

    I love making coffee with Moka pot, BUT some times i have a problem in the process. I put on the stove and after more than 4 minutes and i open the cap NOTHING happened! :_( the pot still empty no coffee coming out through the pipe. Can you share a knowledge to me what possibly went wrong? Thanks! :)


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