How To Make Irish Coffee, The Right Way | Savory Cocktails

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  1. jamlove2020
    jamlove2020 says:

    As another commentator said the best coffee is espresso, it needs to be very strong, you should always pre-heat your serving glass first with boiling water, this goes for Irish whiskey, hot port etc, too. Mix the sugar before pouring in the whiskey, this one just makes commonsense, the hotter it is the faster it will dissolve. Use the back of the tablespoon that you mixed the sugar with to pour in the cream as its hot the cream will flow much more easier. Here's a top tip, have everything ready first cause you want a nice hot hot-whiskey not a tepid mess.

  2. Max de wael
    Max de wael says:

    I live in Belgium. And everyone here makes an Irish Coffee with three layers with very visible borders (like with your whipped cream but an extra layer for the whisky). Is this correct? Or where the hell did they get it from? Because even restaurants here do it…


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