How To Make Homemade Kahlua (Coffee Liqueur) DJs BrewTube Beer Review

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  1. Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams says:

    Interesting video. Thanks. I'll have to give this a try. One thing I picked up from another video: what most homemade coffee liqueurs lack is the mouth feel of the commercial varieties – they feel a bit thin compared. The other video I watched used commercial corn syrup (light Karo) instead of any other kind of sugar (Kahlua uses corn syrup in theirs) and that provided the mouth feel.

    But, many years ago, I found rice syrup at a brewing supply store and started using it as an adjunct sugar rather than corn sugar as an adjunct in my beer. What I discovered was that rice syrup not only boosted the alcohol content of the beer more than corn sugar, it also dramatically extended the shelf life of the beer (I found a bottle of spruce beer I'd made that was 3 years old and it tasted as good as it did fresh). But rice syrup also gives a lighter mouth feel.

    So, anyway, when I get around to making this coffee liqueur, I'll probably substitute rice syrup for half of the sweetener for stability and use dark corn syrup (or maybe honey) to add flavor and body.

  2. Liza Garcia
    Liza Garcia says:

    This was a great recipe, I made 4 batches for christmas gifts and used Costco Vodka, it is a good quality and great value. I found the rest of the ingredients at Trader Joe's. I made a separate batch with organic gluten free Vodka fore someone who is allergic to grain.

  3. Paresh Gupta
    Paresh Gupta says:

    Awesome Video DJ! Just came across this yesterday! Now I'm giving this a Try…Do Flavours work better if I use Hot Brewed Coffee instead of Whole Beans? 🙂 Also what's the real Advantage of Beans over Ground! Thanks 🙂

  4. London Todd
    London Todd says:

    DJ,  during the time that you're allowing the mixture to sit and shaking it every day, are you storing it in a refrigerator? I've seen some recipes that do and others that just leave the container in a cool, dark area.  Thanks! Cheers!

  5. Pooka NC
    Pooka NC says:

    Definitely Making a Batch of this. The bottle you sent was Awesome! I love the Orange Zest addition, much, much better than the Store bought Coffee Liqueur. Cheers DJ! 


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