How to Make Homemade Coffee Creamer

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  1. Liam Daniel
    Liam Daniel says:

    People who make "food' tutorials should be mindful of their audience. Throw in metric conversions. You don't have to know what a liter is but just put it in brackets. It's just constructive criticism.

  2. G DUAN Fanimo
    G DUAN Fanimo says:

    hey you can save even more by making your own condensed milk using only 3 ingredients mixing with this recipe will make a total of just 5 ingredients to homemade coffee creamer

  3. greatpumpkin
    greatpumpkin says:

    Cool video! A quick note: Just because you personally cannot pronounce or are unfamiliar with a certain ingredient, does not automatically mean it is a harmful component. Carrageenan for example is a harmless derivative from seaweed, which is used as a thickener.

  4. SouthernMaster
    SouthernMaster says:

    I was intrigued by this recipe but thought better of it upon closer examination. I use fat-free half & half which does have a couple of chemicals. However, (besides the fat) it doesn't have cholesterol, tons of sugar & is lower in sodium. Oh, & only 1/3 the calories. Simpler is not always better.

  5. Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith says:

    EAGLE BRAND is NOT healthier. or any store bought brand for that matter…WHY? Because of GMO sugar!
    and GMO feed given to the cows that then produce Monsanto – GMO milk…NOT good

    Why not try a real Organic option.

    Did you know that there is a ORGANIC brand of Condensed milk called CALIFORNIA FARMS or SANTINI brand?
    You can find ORGANIC Condensed milk at a health food store or have them order it for you. If you buy a case most nutrition stores give a 10% discount. (This Condensed milk has only 2-ingredients: ORGANIC MILK & ORGANIC SUGAR).

    Then mix the 14 ox can with a better choice…. RAW/UNpasteurized 16 oz's CREAM by ORGANIC PASTURES (a dairy in Fresno). This way all the nutrition is STILL in the cream or milk (they sell raw milk too), nothing added in the chemical lab ie your SYNTHETIC Vitamins..ick!

    Pour into a glass 750 ml bottle and store in fridge.

  6. Ed Castle
    Ed Castle says:

    I work at Nestle and we developed CoffeeMate. I think you should go try our new Natural Bliss creamer. It's for people exactly like you! All natural. And all those ingredients you couldn't pronounce are stabilizers & gums for mouth feel and your creaminess you mentioned. There is none of that in Bliss, it's all done naturally with heavy cream and a natural gum. Good luck to you 🙂

  7. Swiper Fox
    Swiper Fox says:

    Basically you are just diluting condensed milk with regular milk.

    Or you can just make your coffee like this…
    Hot water, coffee, and condensed milk. (no sugar since condensed milk is already sweet)
    Optional flavorings: vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon, etc.


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