How to make Egg Coffee

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  1. WickAndTallow
    WickAndTallow says:

    It's true. Egg coffee holds its rich hearty flavor and fresh smooth taste for days! Just store it in the fridge. Also, cold water Is of no use in egg coffee because all it does is settle the grounds to the bottom. That becomes unnecessary since the grounds are already sequestered by the egg,

  2. DoubleDogDare54
    DoubleDogDare54 says:

    As a kid (back in the Jurassic age…) my mother always made egg coffee because there really weren't filters available, so it was make it on the stove or use a percolator. She chose the stove.

    She took an old white enamel coffee pot, filled it with H2O and brought it to a rolling boil. She took 1 egg, broke it into a small mixing bowl, beat it with a fork, then added three scoops of ground coffee and mixed it together. The egg and coffee mixture was then dumped into the boiling water.

    The egg mixture would quickly foam up to the top of the coffee pot, at which point the heat would be turned down so the water would be gently boiling. Cook for 7 minutes. Turn off the heat, pick up a tea strainer and strain the fresh coffee into a heated thermos bottle.

    The tea strainer really wasn't needed as the egg "filtered" the coffee just fine.

    I still make coffee this way from time to time. A little more work but the results are worth it.

  3. arscill1
    arscill1 says:

    I think that a small sieve would be easier to brighten a whole load of eggs… but i'm happy to try it to check out the flavour. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Joseph Campbell
    Joseph Campbell says:

    My maternal grandmother was French-Canadian Québécoise, but she loved this. However, she grew up in the Red River Valley, with a lot of Norwegian influence. Such that my parents origins are Québec and Norway, except that my grandmother loved this I was told, she made it in a percolator, though… the glass kind you put on a stove with the glass funnel thing. Mange takk.


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