How to Make Cuban Coffee – Cafe Cubano Recipe (Cuban Café ‘Espresso’ with Faux Crema / Espuma)

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  1. MokaBees
    MokaBees says:

    *REGARDING MELT-DOWNS OVER MY USE OF DECAF:* As mentioned in the video description, I'm stuck using decaf due to a heart condition. Decaf is obviously not traditional here. But if you can use standard coffee — more power to you. I envy you!

  2. kit8089
    kit8089 says:

    tried making this coffee before watching the video. Did not whip the sugar. Gonna try again tomorrow morning. I clicked subscribe. Simple quick to the point video. I like it, and no I saw the decaf and immediately thought "there must be a reason" instead of having a meltdown. thanks for the video!!!

  3. Jayson Molina
    Jayson Molina says:

    I got a few points to expose on this video
    1 it was decaf really?! Cuban coffee is usually really strong
    2 person also dumbed down already decaffeinated coffee with more water

    Anyone else got upset about it lol?

  4. Phoenix Villegas
    Phoenix Villegas says:

    hmm. Who would of thunk that cubano coffee was just spanish coffee with a sugar/coffee mix in it. Well, good to know. I know you did this with a moka pot but would it somewhat work with a kerig coffee machine. I know one adaption to the steps would be need to keep the cup in a microwave to keep it warm while making the espuma.

  5. Mara Tirado
    Mara Tirado says:

    I've never had to beat the sugar, if you make it sweeter you get that foam, been drinking coffee since I was "una bebita" that's how we roll. …Oh, where's mine…? lol

  6. Beth Laska
    Beth Laska says:

    HELP! I've tried half a dozen times and have achieved zero espuma. Zero. What am I doing wrong? I'm mixing it for like five minutes and I just can't achieve the light foamy consistency. I've tried more sugar, less coffee, using a fork instead of a spoon. Nothing works. The only variable I haven't changed yet is the grind of my beans. They're definitely not finely ground, more medium. Would that make a difference? I"m determined to make this work!

  7. Jasmine Parmar
    Jasmine Parmar says:

    Just wondering, is all cafe cubano made with that kind of stove top espresso makers? I always thought that those kinds of espresso makers were for Italian espresso…
    Great video 🙂

  8. Joanna Nica V
    Joanna Nica V says:

    i just got my moka pot (2 cups) and finished seasoning it for tomorrow morning's use. i tried making the fake crema and didnt get the same result. turns out i didnt use enough sugar. thanks for this tutorial and i hope tomorrow will be a success for may cuban coffee. 🙂


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