How to Make Cuban Coffee

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  1. freespeech 4all
    freespeech 4all says:

    I visited Key West recently and had a cup of Cuban coffee. wow. it reminded me of the coffee from Vietnam. thanks for sharing this. I will try to make it. you didn't explain the science behind the stiring with the sugar into a paste

  2. Scott Gray
    Scott Gray says:

    Bill, you still around these many years? I no longer remember the name, but I drank coffee where you get one styrofoam cup and you put lillte shots in those paper holders. That is the coffee I am after to make. Do a video LOL…

  3. Jayden A. S.
    Jayden A. S. says:

    I love the Cuban way of making coffee! Do u put milk in it? My family from Puerto Rico uses the colador to strain the coffee from the pot and then pour the coffee in boiling milk.

  4. jmatt4life
    jmatt4life says:

    My favorite way to make coffee! I also use Pilon. I switched from Bustelo. I have a 9 shot La Cafetiere brand. The best and quickest coffee I ever have made. CHEERS!!!

  5. william slatter
    william slatter says:

    As a small batch coffee roaster I like to grind fresh roasted beans. I also find that it doesn't have to be a dark roast. we I make it in my mocha pot it always makes its own crema. while waiting I put 1/2 1/2 or cream in a cup, heat in the microwave for about 20 secs. add some coconut sugar or pure cane sugar and wish it in the cup until it's nice and frothy. then just pour the coffee in give a little stir and enjoy.

  6. Isahiyella
    Isahiyella says:

    Excellent video sir, just what I was looking for. My friend is from Cuba and his beautiful Cuban wife whipped this up for us when we were having lunch one day. It was fantastic and this is the way she made it too. Thanks!

  7. natdiamond
    natdiamond says:

    I have been doing this method for a while. I have tried this with SPLENDA and it also makes the Crema. More people need to know this little trick so they can enjoy a real Cafe' Cubano at home.

  8. Colby Quinn
    Colby Quinn says:

    Awesome video Bill! I've been using my Moka pot for awhile now but this video has given me a lot of insight on the process and culture of Cuban and Puerto Rican coffee! Thanks again!


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