How to Make Cold Brew Coffee the Easy Way

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  1. LucisFerre1
    LucisFerre1 says:

    Basically, it's 4 parts water and 1 part coffee gronds. Don't worry, 4 cups water and 1 cup grounds does not = 5 cups by volume. I like cold brew coffee popped in the microwave for a minute for a very smooth cup of hot coffee. Super fast and easy after the brew process is over.

  2. lac92576
    lac92576 says:

    I love cold brew coffee for my iced coffees 🙂 I never tried it for HOT coffee until recently, and OMG!! You were right when you said the flavour is SOOOO smooth without the acidity! I'm enjoying some cold brew Hazelnut coffee right now that I made the other night – DELICIOUS!!! I'm very "ghetto" and use a wire strainer with some paper towel to strain out the coffee. Works great!

  3. Erik Kay
    Erik Kay says:

    would there be any issue in putting the coffee grounds in a cheese cloth first and just tie it off, sit that in the mason jar? Possibly make filtering a bit easier?

  4. Travis Christoff
    Travis Christoff says:

    hey Morgan awesome video!
    ive got a couple of questions.
    can you brew the batch stronger, so it will be strong enough to pour hot water over so it wont be watery and thin, and at the same time have hot, cold brewed coffee that way?

    and second what music do you use in this video it sounds awesome in the end 😉

  5. bgkdiver1313
    bgkdiver1313 says:

    light to medium roast is where the coffee bean has the best flavor!!!
    this should be diluted with equal parts water or milk unless you prefer crazy strong coffee this will have more caffeine than a hot brew!! experiment.

  6. Gino Punsalan
    Gino Punsalan says:

    I'm confused with cold brew ratios. This video shows 19:1 (weight). Other websites say 4:1. I've also seen another video with 9:1 by volume. Which is the proper one, assuming a consensus is possible.


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