How to make coffee with an Espresso Maker /Greca using Cafe Bustelo!

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  1. Galen Fries
    Galen Fries says:

    I use an old Drip-o-later. I have become kind of a collector of them and have a number of them ranging from 18 cup big ones to 3 cup very small ones. All of mine are of a simple aluminum design but I bought my mother a beautiful ceramic 7 cup one that she loves.

  2. Ss-Zence
    Ss-Zence says:

    It's the only way I've ever known to make really good coffee since a young girl. My sister once gave me a coffee maker and passed it on to someone else since I really didn't like the taste of the end result.

    Cinnamon is a great idea! For another herb/seasoning to sprinkle… try cardamon. It's one of my favorites for even hot chocolate and french toast too. Happy consuming.

  3. B15K1TZ
    B15K1TZ says:

    nice video i usually boil my milk with the cafe bustelo and follow the same instructions you have in your video. I gotta try adding cinnamon to it. Gracias for the tip ;] 


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