How to make coffee with a French Press

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  1. Valyonga
    Valyonga says:

    Thank you Nick this was easy to follow, my first attempt has yielded too weak a cup (for some reason I got nervous about adding more than three scoops) but I'll get it right tomorrow morning – thanks for the instructions

  2. Charlotte Dupre
    Charlotte Dupre says:

    Good job!! I had taken mine apart 4 years ago, and during moves the box/instructions were lost. This video explained perfectly from putting the press in the correct order, as well as how much coffee. What I especially liked was the fact that the presenter explained how to make the BEST.. letting the water sit til 200 degrees F and also to let the coffee/hot water sit for about 3 min PRIOR to pressing to get the most flavor. Thank you. CWD

  3. MrScotch16
    MrScotch16 says:

    I can never get my French press coffee to taste like anything. In thinking about getting the ninja or the you brew by Breville. Do you have a west country accent? My cousins are from Swindon and live in Clifton.

  4. Okuhle Ngada
    Okuhle Ngada says:

    Thank you so much for creating such a detailed video. Today was the day I upgrade from instant coffee to coffee I would brew using a coffee plunger and ground coffee… Was not sure where to start… I followed your instructions and I AM LOVING my cup of coffee!! Thank you so much for the video!!

  5. Luztunez
    Luztunez says:

    I appreciate your videos as I am a coffee lover as well. I'm curious since your channel doesn't say. Are you a Spaniard living in England? It's what I pick up from your mixed accents. Maybe I'm wrong.

  6. oldguy5755
    oldguy5755 says:

    So, great video with a couple of recommendations. First, you are concerned about the glass on your counter even saying that you have already broken at least one on it. Simply put  something between the press and the tile. Second, never use a metal spoon in a glass french press, plastic or wood and you have no worries. Third, from what I have seen on a lot of other videos, is that you should just cover the grounds to begin with, wait for the foaming to start, then slowly add your water and from there carry on pretty much as you have. I do appreciate your mention of the coffee grind and amount, there are lots of videos that may tell one but not the other.

  7. Avery
    Avery says:

    yo why the fuck did you not drink that coffee man are you fucking with us do you not like fucking coffee i swear to god i will be so mad if you do not like coffee because that sir would be a dick moveee. lol

  8. sphynxboy2006
    sphynxboy2006 says:

    I've been using the French Press for about two months now and I have eliminated my Starbucks trips because this coffee is so good. I learned three new things here: 1. Don't use boiling water, 2. Stir it a bit before putting the lid on , and 3. Use a coarse grind. Can't wait to see how that will make a great cup of coffee even better. Thanks.

  9. signedgladys
    signedgladys says:

    Thanx so much for the great lesson ! ! ! Bought my french press on a Groupon special and was so excited when it arrived. At first, I thought I'd received a defective product cuz I have been failing miserably at trying to get a decent cup of coffee; when it occurred to me to scan YouTube videos on the subject. Your video has enlightened me and heightened my appreciation for enjoying a good cup of coffee. Again, many thanks ! ! !

  10. Guilio McEwan's Space
    Guilio McEwan's Space says:

    I got a smaller pot then that i love it it goes everywere with me i like strong coffee how ever thanks for letting me know what time it takes as i think ive been letting it sit for 5 to 6 mins. I still get some segment at the bottom of cup

  11. rootessa
    rootessa says:

    Just set the French Press on a pot holder or a towel and it won't break. Sitting it on cold tile is what;s causing it to break. Great job explaining how to use one. Thanks!


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