How to make coffee with a French Press. YOUR 2018 To-do list?

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  1. S Karlsson
    S Karlsson says:

    Nice. Thanks for your good work. Always loved the French press. I roast my own coffee– green beans from Sweet Maria's. Try if you have the time– you'll find much info there. The Aeropress has become my favorite brewed method and is most excellent for travel btw. At home, the Jura has mostly taken over with it's one button and done operation.

  2. Ryan Ziesmer
    Ryan Ziesmer says:

    Hey George…. try the Bialetti 6 cup Espresso maker found on Amazon….made in Italy… not expensive and fun to use… for a man that likes coffee. I think you would enjoy it. Six espresso….but actually like 1 cup for the average guy. 😉

  3. Joseph Tribie
    Joseph Tribie says:

    Gray…you have me remembering my grandma…she also used to make coffee with an old cloth filter. She must have brought it with her from Haiti…that thing looked sooo old…but she made THE BEST COFFEE with it!
    Good times! 👍

  4. Jason Davis
    Jason Davis says:

    You should bloom the coffee. Pour just enough hot water to cover the ground coffee. Let it rest for one minute. Then fill the carafe with water. Let it steep for 3-4 minutes, press and pour.

  5. Jason Skerbitz
    Jason Skerbitz says:

    MMMM!…. do indeed LOVE me a big ol' mug of french pressed coffee (on the strong side…. as I usually add the equivalent of 2 sugars and 2 creams)…. usually with our weekly cigar(s) on our Shabbat night (Fri. night) smoke sesh…… soooo good. Keep 'em comin' Sultan. 😉

  6. Charles Nygaard
    Charles Nygaard says:

    Gee what am I doing today, besides ordering a french press and a coffee grinder from Amazon. Oh ordering coffee beans also😄 and your recommendation would be? Great video, Thanks George

  7. Stennis French
    Stennis French says:

    Louisville Ky,, 77 degrees, Today get out the 100th-anniversary Heritage Softail Classic (Harley) take it for a nice ride. Started on my journey at 9am just finished 4pm, blessed day and safe trip. Tomorrow I pay the price, like not going to the gym in a year (Beat to death) Cant wait for the coffee videos I'm in…


    Hay i wus wondering if ther is a time that you can do your coffee pressing in a more lite y i ask it well i eus on a live chat with MR.DERIK TANT abwt doing a video on that and he kindu sed he wusint forsher and naw you do this video and i fill its GOD anserring my qweshtin by you doing this video i evrriy sins i wus 16 wontid to lern haw to propperliy youse one of thow and i wontid to know what ar the best coffees to do that with plees thank you.i love the videos of you and your ladiy in it you to ar so osome and so funniy. Together i hope some day to find a speshal some one to do my videos.oe im sarriy i rite win i think of a qweshtin so i downt forgit it do to my dyslexia so thank you so much and cant wayte to lern thank GOD fore your time you spind doing thees videows they ar verriy insprashin to me and so so miniy other people and win ever i triy to be perfeshnal in my videows and triy to be informative it is you fine exsapull of exslins is the standerd i triy to go by.may you be verriy blest by GOD my friend and also to in one of uour videows you sed a kinde word abawt me you never sed my name but you sed a kind word abawt me and you stuck up fore a no name guy lile me shows you care abawt people and that is a fine exsapull to follow thank you MR.GEORGE BRUNO i meen no disrespekt if i didnt spell your name rite.

  9. From Daniel's Den
    From Daniel's Den says:

    My "To Do" for today is teach a recovery class, write a blog for New Life Spirit Recovery website and work on establishing a YouTube channel. Thanks for everything, George! God bless!

  10. Keine Pinghits
    Keine Pinghits says:

    Man you're making me jealous…
    It's my one long school day, where I can't get afternoon coffee, and I can't drink one right now, if I do that, I'm not getting a lot of sleep tonight.

  11. andrew bruton
    andrew bruton says:

    Fresh ground coffee is there any better way to start your day. As for the white suprematist, I’m surprised he manage to spell faggot. Let it go past without further thought it’s not worth your time

  12. Protos Telos
    Protos Telos says:

    I love these casual morning talks. Curious do you pay much attention to the grind size? I know it's standard to use really course grind for French press but I wonder if it really makes a difference?

  13. Activate Kruger
    Activate Kruger says:

    How many hours of sleep do you typically get? I try aiming for seven or eight each night, but sometimes my mind just runs wild and won’t let me sleep! Any bedtime advice? Thanks!


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